Megacryometeors: Ice Chunks Falling From a Clear Sky!

Megacryometeors: The phenomenon of abnormally large chunks of ice falling from a clear sky is giving rise to an interesting debate. Are they real? Are they from God? Are they a consequence of 'Global Warming'?

Friday, July 21, 2006

Translation of Russian Megacryometeor Story Previously Mentioned

A drop in the icy boulders betokens anomalous deg

15 July 2006

One tremendous piece of ice dropped with a crash in broad daylight to the pavement. At the heighth of summer. In Africa. No one suffered, to the happiness. However, this is far from only case, when icy chunks fall from the sky neither from that nor from this. There are suspicions, that the icy object by weight to 200 kg can fall down where conveniently and when it is convenient. As snow to the head, yes.

History, on the whole such. The large piece of ice or as it named local press, "icy sphere size to mikrovolnovku", in the morning cloudless 7 July it fell from the sky to the pavement in Duglasdeyl city, that in REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA. It was rapidly explained that it is not meteorite, "usual" hail stone or frozen feces, discarded from the aircraft. However, what this, anomaly?

It is similar, so there is. In the opinion of Spanish professor chizus Martineza- Frias (Jesus Martinez- Frias), this frozen object? one of first registered in Africa megas-cryoMeteor (Megacryometeors). And its drop can be the omen of "serious ecological problems".

Term "mega-cryoMeteor" introduced in 2002 itself Martinez- Frias, who works, by the way, in the center of astrobiology (Centro de Astrobiologia) under wing NASA.

From the words of this scientist, mega-cryoMeteor? this is "the large atmospheric icy accumulation, which, in spite of similarity to large hail stones on a number of structural, hydrochemical and isotopic special features, it is formed with the uncommon atmospheric conditions, which strongly differ from the formation of cumulonimbus clouds, i.e., under the conditions of clear sky".

According to the results of studies of professor, who wrote several articles about the possible reasons for the appearance of megas-cryoMeteor (here, for example), the first falling from the sky icy spheres were registered even in THE XIX century, but especially they why "went on the spree" in the last six years. Thus, the "epidemic" of icy it is ball 2000- m it damaged many automobiles and buildings in the Pyrenean peninsula.

Fortunately, the first African icy sphere nothing did destroy? after leaving small "crater" on the pavement, covered with the fragments of ice, mega-cryoMeteor practically immediately melted.

Let us note that in the collection of professor Martineza- Frias are numerous photographs of megas-cryoMeteor, but usually according to their sizes they not more than the loaf of bread. But here is the object, which fell in REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA, it is similar, no one had time to photograph.

Let us continue. In article Wikipedia it is written, that Martinez- Frias for the first time interested himself in megas-cryoMeteor during January 2000, when in Spain from the cloudless sky was brought down rain from the icy it was lump with mass to 3 kg. this rain, allegedly, it went during 10 days of (!?).

But beginning from 2000 in entire peace it was registered more than 50 megas-cryoMeteor. Their weight differs in the limits from 0,5 kg to 200 kg and more. Record holder, like, is the sphere, which fell in Brazil? 220 kg. the majority of drops occurs during January, February and March, that, however, it did not prevent object from collapsing in Africa in the middle of summer.

In the list of the countries, besides Spain and Brazil, Italy, Austria, Argentina, Columbia, Canada and the Netherlands. Now and REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA.

The analysis of the structure of megas-cryoMeteor shows that their composition corresponds to normal rain water for those regions, where they fell. They contain the same particles of dust as hail stone. But they are formed, however, in the cloudless sky.

It is accurately known that these icy objects do not fall from the toilets of aircraft, since those large pieces of ice, which, it does occur, are ejected from the airliners, practically always they do have dark-blue color? because of the disinfecting means.

Furthermore, drop in the icy it is ball they were recorded also to the invention of aircraft. And above many places, where did find the fallen down spheres, no aircraft generally do fly never? this makes it possible to exclude version about ice, which was saved on the wings and other parts of the liner and torn away from them.

Meanwhile in the network, as it seems, literally recently was opened the "profile" site, on which blogger on the name Of mayk (Mike) assembles the communications of the online OF THE MEDIA about the drop it is lump ice in the different parts of the light.

For example, it is here in this note, dated on 10 December, 2003, it is indicated that the icy spheres "can be one of the most supernatural by-products of global warming". And that the Spanish-American group of scientists, into which enters Martinez- Frias, will intend to serious study this phenomenon.

Professor himself speaking following: "I am disturbed not because the piece of ice can fall to you to the head. It disturbs me, that the large blocks of ice are formed, where they must not exist ".

According to one version, the formation of megas-cryoMeteor is connected with the uncommon conditions in the transition layer from the troposphere to the stratosphere, in the so-called tropopause. If global warming can make a tropopause of of colder damper and "agitated", then there can be formed conditions for the formation of the ice crystals, which grow as usual hail stones in the thunderstorm clouds.

Doctor David Travis (David Travis) from the university of Wisconsin (University of Wisconsin-Whitewater), together with which Martinez- Frias did devise term "mega-cryoMeteor", does assume that if the formation of icy it is ball among the clear sky is nevertheless connected with the global warming, then the registered incidents? "the only beginning". The threat of anomalously large hail increases.


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