Megacryometeors: Ice Chunks Falling From a Clear Sky!

Megacryometeors: The phenomenon of abnormally large chunks of ice falling from a clear sky is giving rise to an interesting debate. Are they real? Are they from God? Are they a consequence of 'Global Warming'?

Monday, July 10, 2006

NEWS STORY: Ice ball falls from clear sky in South Africa

The first recorded megacryometeor in Africa fell in Douglasdale, South Africa. Actual eye witnesses attest to seeing it fall and hit pavement on June 30, 2006. Spanish megacryometeros expert Jesus Martinez-Frias states this could be a sign "serious environmental problems". I have no doubt weather anomolies like megacryometeors will continue to be used by enviromentalist to promulgate their agenda, and maybe for good reason.


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