Megacryometeors: Ice Chunks Falling From a Clear Sky!

Megacryometeors: The phenomenon of abnormally large chunks of ice falling from a clear sky is giving rise to an interesting debate. Are they real? Are they from God? Are they a consequence of 'Global Warming'?

Monday, July 10, 2006

NEWS STORY: Chunk of Ice Hits California

A megacryometeor that fell from a southwestern sky burrowed itself two and a half feet into the ground in an Oakland park. One theory is that the megacryometeor fell from space. However, Ryan Diduck at the Chabot Space and Science Center, says this is unlikely because of the shockwaves that it would encounter. I'm guessing this means that it has a very small chance of making it to earth without disintegrating. An aviation consultant in the San Francisco area stated the only way this megracryometeor came from an aircraft is if a freshwater valve leaked at a high altitude, which does occationally happen. It could be determined to come from an aircraft if the megacryometeor contained chlorine. But I wonder why no one from the science community has contacted the witness who took a piece of the megacryometeor and put it in his freezer. I think I'll try to get a hold of him...


At 5:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

These accounts are so true. On September 5,2011 my daughter and I were doing chores on our farm when a block of ice the size of a basketball ball came whizzing down from the sky. I just so happend to hear a noise coming from above sounding as if a plastic bag was caught in the wind. As I looked up I saw this chunk of ice coming and it was coming fast,as it only landed within approx. 5-8 ft from us chunks the sizes ranging from golf ball size to soft ball sizes exploded outward from the impact. Fortunate we were not hit by this huge chunk nor the chunks that were blasted outwards. I would guesstimate that this ice was prob. the size of 2 basketballs or a huge watermelon.It was clear and white in color and made a fairly deep impression at site of impact. My daughter was afraid to be outside the rest of the evening. Wondering where it came from I immediately started to observe the sky. I did notice a plane high above that had a red belly but was unsure of where it truly came from. So with that said no one was injured except for minimal ground damage and a bush that had some limbs shattered. A true phenom or a message from God. I dont know but I do feel blessed that we are ok from this mystery.
Cameron,NC (Johnsonville Area-Marks Rd.)


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