Megacryometeors: Ice Chunks Falling From a Clear Sky!

Megacryometeors: The phenomenon of abnormally large chunks of ice falling from a clear sky is giving rise to an interesting debate. Are they real? Are they from God? Are they a consequence of 'Global Warming'?

Monday, July 10, 2006

NEWS STORY: Are Ice Balls a Sign of Global Warming?

This article was written back in 2003. They note, at that time, that most megacryometeor activity happens within the months of January, February and March. As Dr. Jesus Martinez-Frias has postulated, megacryometeors probably form in the troposphere. This is where most of our "weather" comes from. It is theorized that global warming is actually making the troposphere colder, wetter and more turbulent therefore making for a more plausable enviroment for megacryometeors to form.


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